Wisconsin's Lake Michigan Shipwrecks

Discovered to Date

The following vessels were lost on Wisconsin's Lake Michigan coast and have positively identified remains. For LORAN, Lon/Lat, historical or site info., email Brendon Baillod or visit the Adventure Diving, Inc. homepage for charter info or guidebooks.


Daniel Lyons - Schooner collided with KATE GILLETT and foundered off Algoma, 10/1878
Ottawa - Schooner stranded and broke up on Stony Creek Reef near Clay Banks, 4/13/1911
Lakeland - Steamer foundered 9 mi. off Algoma, 12/3/1924
Henry Gust - Tug stripped and sunk off Algoma, 1935


America - Barge capsized 7 mi off Kewaunee, 9/28/1880
Rouse Simmons - Schooner foundered off Kewaunee, cargo christmas trees, 11/23/1912

Two Rivers

Pathfinder - Schooner driven ashore and wrecked north of Two Rivers, cargo iron ore, 11/19/1886
Vernon - Steamer foundered off Two Rivers, 10/29/1887
Continental - Steamer driven ashore near Two Rivers, 12/13/1904
S. C. Baldwin - Steamer foundered off Twin River Point, 9/3/1908
Francis Hinton - Steamer stranded and broke up off Two Rivers, 11/16/1909


Home - Scow Sch. sank off Haven after coll. with sch. WM. FISK, cargo slab wood, 10/23/1858
Walter B. Allen - Schooner foundered off Manitowoc, 4/17/1880
Floretta - Schooner foundered 15 mi. off Manitowoc, cargo iron ore, 9/18/1885
Silver Lake - Schooner scow run down by PERE MARQUETTE off Manitowoc, 5/28/1900


Phoenix - Sidewheel steamer burned off Sheboygan, hull towed into shallows, 11/21/1847
Byron - Small sloop on bottom south of Sheboygan, sunk 5/8/1867
Hattie Taylor - Schooner capsized and foundered off Sheboygan, 8/26/1880
Selah Chamberlain - Steam Barge sank by JOHN PRIDGEON JR. off Sheboygan, 10/13/1886
Lottie Cooper - Schooner capsized off Sheboygan, 4/9/1894, Removed to dry land
McMullen and Pitz (aka ALGOMA) - Dredge foundered off Cleveland, WI, 11/18/1919
Helvetia - Schooner set afire and sank 10 mi. off Sheboygan, 9/10/1921

Port Washington

Niagra - Sidewheel steamer burned and foundered off Port Washington, 9/24/1856
Northerner - Schooner foundered off Port Washington, 11/29/1868
Advance - Schooner foundered north of Port Washington, 9/8/1885
J.M.Allmendinger - Steamer stranded off Virmond Park, 11/26/1895
Atlanta - Steamer burned and went ashore at Port Washington, 3/18/1906
Tennie & Laura - Scow Schooner capsized and foundered South of Port, 8/2/1903


Sebastopol - Sidewheel steamer went ashore and broke up south of Milwaukee, 9/20/1855
St. Albans - Steamer foundered in ice 8 mi off Milwaukee, 1/30/1881
Josephine - Steamer hit rock north of Milwaukee and foundered, cargo sand, 4/15/1888
Lumberman - Schooner foundered off Oak Creek, cargo lumber, 4/7/1893
Island City - Schooner foundered 14 mi. off Milwaukee, cargo wood, 4/8/1895
Sumatra - Schooner foundered off Milwaukee Harbor, cargo steel rails, 9/30/1896
Dale - Schooner foundered at Milwaukee, 7/16/1903
Hiram R. Bond - Sand Sucker hit by PERE MARQUETTE 20, sunk off Milw., 5/29/1905
Appomattox - Steamer grounded and broke up north of Milwaukee, 11/2/1905
Volunteer - Steamer stripped and abandoned at Milwaukee, 1914
Norlond - Steamer foundered 2 mi. south of Milwaukee Harbor, 11/13/1922
Milwaukee - Steam Car Ferry foundered off Milwaukee, 10/22/1929
EMBA - Schooner stripped and scuttled off Milwaukee, 12/10/1932
Prins Willem V - Motor Vessel collided with tow line off Milwaukee and foundered, 10/14/1954
Dredge #906 - Dredge capsized and sank off Milwaukee, 5/23/1956
Edward E. Gillen - Tug capsized and sank off Milwaukee, 6/4/1981


Merchant - Steamer stranded and burned on Racine Reef, 10/6/1875
Persia - Schooner stranded north of Racine, 5/2/1892
Grace A. Channon - Schooner struck by tug FAVORITE and foundered off Racine, 8/2/1877
Evra Fuller - Schooner grounded on Reef and broke up near Racine, cargo lumber, 10/8/1893
Kate Kelly - Schooner foundered off Wind Point Light, cargo railroad ties, 5/14/1895


Rosinco - Motor Yacht foundered 12 miles off Keshosha, 4/19/1928
Wisconsin - Steamer foundered north of Kenosha, 10/29/1929

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