Great Lakes Shipwreck
Dive Accident & Fatality Study

As part of a project to improve safety practices and generate useful correlational statistics, we are collecting case data regarding dive related accidents and fatalities on Great Lakes shipwrecks since 1970. Our goal is to make general case incident information available to Great Lakes sport and technical divers and to learn about situations and practices that have produced accidents & fatalities among Great Lakes wreckdivers in the past. We hope to make this data publicly available as it is gathered.

Names of sources and victims will not be revealed. If you have any first-hand or second-hand knowledge of a serious dive accident or fatality that occurred in association with a Great Lakes shipwreck, even if it is already documented on this site, please submit the information using the form below. It will be compiled into a database to be used for analysis and will be incorporated into the final study. If you know of a fatality that we have not listed, please send us the wreck's name and the approximate date of the accident so we can further research it. If you wish to contact us, you may do so at

Accidents associated with shipwrecks in the waters of Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, Ontario, St. Clair, the Detroit River, the St. Lawrence River and connecting waterways are of interest.

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