Vienna - Whitefish Point - 8/8/1995

Three divers decended to the wreck, which lies in 120 to 145 ft. of water. Two divers swam toward the deeper end of the wreck, while the other swam to the shallower side. The two divers on the deep end did not see the other diver again until they began their ascent about 12 minutes into the dive. The third diver was found suspended just above the wreck and was visibly bleeding from the mouth. The two divers began an emergency ascent with the third diver and became positively buoyant, rapidly ascending. Upon reaching the surface, EMS was notified, but the third diver had probably expired before reaching the surface. The cause of death was later revealed to be massive emboli in the brain, lungs and aorta.

The third diver's computer was found to have a maximum depth of 153 ft., which is not attainable without penetrating deeply into the wreck. It is speculated that the diver may have penetrated deep into the wreck, experienced difficulty and then may have attempted an uncontrolled ascent. The diver's tank was found to have 300 psi remaining, supporting the theory that the diver may have overexerted, breathing his tank down, thereby necessitating a fatal, rapid ascent.

The expired diver had adequate experience, training and equipment to perform the dive and had no known or identified medical pre-conditions.

Diver Variables:
Inexperience: Negative
Equipment Failure: Negative
Inadequate Equipment: Negative
Equipment: Single Aluminum 80, dry suit
Health Conditions: Negative
Panic: Possible
Solo Dive: Positive

Dive Variables:
Depth: Moderate
Penetration: Probable
Excessive Bottom Time: Contributing Factor
Low Air: Contributing Factor
Mixed Gas: Negative
Decompression Stop Required: Negative

Physical Variables:
Embolism: Positive
DCS: Negative
Narcosis: Probable
Oxygen Toxicity: Negative
Drowning: Negative