Vienna - Whitefish Point - 7/5/1996

A female diver drowned on the Vienna during a dive with her fiancee on a Friday afternoon, July 5, 1996. The couple was ascending from the wreck when the female diver lost her primary regulator and was unable to recover it. She was further unable to find her octopus, so the male diver attempted to give the famale diver his primary. He then began to panic because he couldn't find his octopus, and initiated an emergency ascent. When the female diver failed to surface, a search was conducted and her body was recovered from 147 ft. of water. Upon surfacing CPR was performed but the female diver never recovered. Both divers were very new to diving, having logged 10 - 20 dives between them.

Diver Variables:
Inexperience: Positive
Equipment Failure: Negative
Inadequate Equipment: Probable - regulator harness would have prevented
Equipment: Unknown
Health Conditions: None known
Panic: Positive
Solo Dive: Negative

Dive Variables:
Depth: Moderate
Penetration: Negative
Excessive Bottom Time: Negative
Low Air: Negative
Mixed Gas: Negative
Decompression Stop Required: Negative

Physical Variables:
Embolism: Negative
DCS: Negative
Narcosis: Negative
Oxygen Toxicity: Negative
Drowning: Positive