Search the Milwaukee Public Library's
Herman Runge Collection Vessel Files

Search nearly 10,000 vessel files in the Milwaukee Public Library's Online Catalog. The MPL Catalog contains all the Runge Vessel Files along with substantial information about each vessel and whether or not the collection holds photos of the given vessel. Unfortunately, the search interface provided by the library is so difficult to use that few people are aware that the files are searchable online. This easy to use search interface will allow you to drill directly into the online catalog to locate vessel info. If you'd like to order a copy of any vessel file you locate or any photos in the file, you should email with the vessel's official number. They charge a fee for any reproduction of their data.

Vessel Name: Enter vessel's first name, last name or both. To Browse alphabetically, enter one or two letters, i.e. A, B, Ba, etc.
Official Number: Enter vessel's official number, US or Canadian
Owner/Master/Builder: Enter company name or individual's first name, last name or both. To Browse alphabetically, enter one or two letters.

Note, this site directly searches the Milwaukee Public Library's online catalog. Search results are rendered on the MPL website. If the Description field contains the word photos, it indicates that the vessel's file contains one or more photos of the ship. Only biographical data about each vessel is given in the online listing. The vessel file generally contains considerably more data, such as dimensions, tonnage, engine data, etc.