The David Swayze
Great Lakes Shipwreck File
Record Detail

Vessel Name: WAVE
Other Names: none
Build Info: 1833, Swan Creek, Mich  
Type at loss: schooner, wood, 2-mast Official No: none
Specs: 54x18x6, 44 t.
Date of Loss:
1844, Mar 17
Type of Loss: storm Lake: Michigan
Accident Place: 10 mi SSW of mouth of Kalamazoo R. [now Saugatuck]
Last Updated 2-9-2004  
Cargo: light Loss of Life: 5 given in best report, but other sources give as high as 13
Detail: Bound for the Grand River with lumber when she was driven ashore by a gale, a total loss. The famous schooner FUR TRADER later brought her outfit to Chicago. Out of Milwaukee.

Sources: nsp,wl,hgl,bb,jm
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